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A Day in the Rainforest



My name is Maria Eduarda, I’m at high school in Ubá,  and I want to tell you about my recent school trip to Iracambi.

Iracambi is an NGO located in the Atlantic Rainforest, and during my recent visit, I was able to learn about the conservation of the forest, as well as about the different activities carried out at Iracambi.

Iracambi’s spacious forest setting with its exuberant plants and trees creates a welcoming green atmosphere.  The forest trail allows us to immerse ourselves fully in nature, and the rivers  are crystal clear and refreshing. The green spaces invite us to moments of relaxation and contemplation, the sounds of birds and insects create a harmonious background, and the scents of nature awaken all our senses. 

Biologist Dayana took us along the Medicinal Plants Trail, showed us the lab and also the forest nursery. We then visited the main house, decorated with painted flags of many nations, symbolizing the global reach of Iracambi’s mission and promoting union between different cultures and nationalities.

The experience of being out in the open in direct contact with nature, brings a feeling of energy and well being. The Iracambi campus is a real haven where we can be in close connection with nature and all her beauty. 

In conclusion, it was an inspiring and enriching visit, which helped me gain a greater understanding of the importance of protecting this wonderful ecosystem!


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