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Junior Scientists Hold Live Meeting With Portland

As the clock struck 3:00 Monday afternoon, the sounds of children’s voices could be heard leaving the forest trails and heading for the computer labs.   The Junior Scientists were about to embark on a different journey; a cyber-journey, to

Junior Scientists on the Screen

Junior Scientists Program now on screen   You’ve read about our Junior Scientist project that brings local school children to Iracambi to learn about monitoring forests and streams –   here it is on screen, thanks to volunteer film maker

Build More Monkey Space

Help us Build More Monkey Space!   The Serra do Brigadeiro Park is home to the world’s largest population of the Wooly Spider Monkey (Muriqui, we call him here). But there are still less than a thousand in the whole

Need a last minute gift?

Need a last minute gift? Follow the link to buy a Gift Card in for a colleague, friend or relative, and give the gift of knowledge. All you have to do is hit the little widget on the right hand

Forest Futures Now

The Future of the Forest is Now Calling all Iracambistas! The long cherished project to save threatened stretches of rainforest is up and running! Thanks to a generous grant from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature  (Netherlands), Iracambi

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Iracambi and Public Policy

Iracambi and Public Policy We’re delighted to report that yet another project has been approved. This one is to strengthen environmental policy in the nine counties of the Serra do Brigadeiro Development Territory. We’ll be working with government partners and

Vernier donates equipment to Iracambi

Vernier equipment in the rainforest Iracambi is thrilled to report that we have received a very generous donation from one of the world’s leading makers of scientific equipment Vernier Software and Technology. Our water monitoring project is now fully equipped