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Tchau dry January!

After a very busy and action packed January, we can’t believe how quickly February has come around here at Iracambi (this we includes me, Els, the new volunteer coordinator here at Iracambi who arrived at the beginning of the year

The Environment and Me

We all arises again at the normal time at 7:30am enjoyed a nice spread of bread, cheese, scrambled eggs,fresh fruits, a nice selection of freshly squeezed fruit juice before class. Normally the first part of the day, after breakfast and

Olá Rio Pomba!

English: Our first day in Rio Romba’s classroom was nice. The presentation was long and informative. During the day was so hot that I had to get up every second for water! The water fountain had amazing cold water. I

Starting a New Adventure: Saturday, January 17, 2015

De manha apos um longo sono acordamos e fomos para o cafe. Hora de conversar sobre os acontecidos a noite passada. Ja alimentados fomos caminhando para um canhoeira perto da Casa Centro. Um lugar muito bonito e reservado, onde nadamos

H E L L O G L O B A L W A R M I N G !!

Greetings, Today was a great day filled with bountiful information. The day commenced with all the students taking a trip to a new house that Leandro, a professor in the Iracambi rain forest, specializing in animal biology, is building for

A Day of Trekking

Today we put our endurance, teamwork, and strength to the test as we went trekking for over 10 miles. We trekked from outside of Iracambi through the Serra Do Brigadeit Park. The sun was shining bright and we were all

Açai Day!

Today as we embarked on our journey with the Brazilian students, the word of the day was “Acai”. Our instructor, Kyvia Lugate gave us an in-depth introduction on the Acai palm tree and its influence on the Atlantic Rainforest. Kyvia

Welcome back to Iracambi!!!

Today we spent our last few hours in the city. Shalanda and Nikki went to the bakery this morning to get more bread. We then left the city to go pick up our new Brazilian students and bonded over the

Weekend in Juiz de Fora

Its the second day of our cultural filled weekend and the first day without Wagner in Juiz de Fora, because he had important work in Rio. We started our day at noon and eventually explored the city looking for food.

Oi Sexta Festa!

Oi! Today was yet another adventurous day in the Atlantic Rainforest. Of course we all met up at the local eatery for a delicious meal made by Camina and spent a few hours learning more Portuguese. Today we reviewed all