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Português: pronomes e verbos

Pronomes e verbos Today was a critical day in our Portuguese class. We covered pronouns and various verbs. This was a significant lesson because it aided us in creating complete and grammatically correct sentences. Wagner made learning the pronouns and

Welcome to Brazil!

January 5, 2015 Brazil! It is so nice to finally see you! After a long, tiring but safe traveling experience (thank you Delta Airlines), Brazil is everything we thought it would be! It is safe to say that living in

Iracambi and IFET Strong

The Federal Technical Institutes of Southeastern Minas Gerais and the Iracambi Rainforest Conservation and Research Center are delighted to let you know that  the new round of the “Sustainability Course in the Rainforest”, funded by the US Department of State

Sendo realista sombre mudanças climáticas

Diretores de Iracambi Robin e Binka tiveram o grande privilégio de estarem juntos com 750 líderes de 34 países no Rio esta semana. Do que se tratava? Sendo realista sobre mudanças climáticas. Sim, amigos, existem pessoas (até visitas que vieram

Iracambi joins the Climate Reality Leaders

Iracambi directors Robin and Binka are off to Rio to join Al Gore and his folks in Rio to become Climate Reality Leaders. It’s the first training held in Latin America and it’s shaping up to be an incredible event.

Our Junior Scientists become Young Eco-Leaders!

Three years ago we had a dream. We wanted our school children to develop a new appreciation of the extraordinary rainforest in which they are privileged to live. We wanted to show them that science is one of the most

Dia 11 #

Hoje aprendemos como capturar a beleza de nosso ambiente com fotografias. Nosso instrutor André Valle Nunes nos deu várias dicas antes de usar nosso novo conhecimento. Com as montanhas que nos cercavam, oportunidades de tirar fotos belas no caminho eram

Day 10

Our day started with a bird watching class in the forest where Eloisa taught us to be silent and patient while our eyes were getting used to distinguish the birds through the lights and the shadows. The most difficult part was