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The Federal Technical Institutes of Southeastern Minas Gerais and the Iracambi Rainforest Conservation and Research Center are delighted to let you know that  the new round of the “Sustainability Course in the Rainforest”, funded by the US Department of State under the 100K Strong in the Americas Initiative is up and running!

Twelve Brazilian and eight students from the US are already hard at work learning the basics of one another’s languages and participating in all manner of activities including Recycling, Bio construction, and Conservation of the Native Forest.

The “Sustainability Course in the Rainforest” is part of a year-long program of student exchanges with the goal of expanding opportunities for US and Brazilian students to live, study and do practical internships together in the fields of biodiversity conservation, agro-ecology and sustainable environmental management.

We would like to thank each one of you who has helped to advertise this program and make it come true. My special thanks to Lee Tablewski, Jackie Carter, Mary-Beth Hartenstine, Carol Stax Brown, Robin Le Breton, Ebony Majeed and many others.

Thank you!

Wagner Belo

Director of International Office at IFSudesteMG

100K coordinator


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