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Five Things I Learned…

Five Things I Learned from the Rainforest Over the past year, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my values and purpose, having had an amazing opportunity to work on defining this with Executive Coach Clare Robinson as part of The Marketing

Iracambi Memories – What happened to the monkeys?

I spent about 1 month at Iracambi in 2001 and the visit was an extremely memorable one. I attended with a group of my university peers to study masked titi monkeys and hummingbirds. Unfortunately the monkeys never made an appearance

Surrounded by vibrant green

We had trodden the pavements of the big cities of South America – Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rio – but now we were surrounded by vibrant green (every shade) and noises of bugs, birds and frogs. Virgilio was the first

Iracambi Rainforest Stories

You cross a stream and head upwards along a dirt road, the cicadas keeping you company. But should you try to approach them, they clam up. Leading from the dirt road there is a track through tall grass, and a

Great Kiskadee / Pitangus sulphuratus

Great Kiskadee

The Great Kiskadee (Pitangus sulphuratusis) one of the most typical birds of Latin America, they’re range extends from the south of Mexico to Argentina. It can also be found in areas of the South of Texas and also on the

First month exploring!

I have been at Iracambi for almost a month. As much as the first few weeks were packed with information and new faces, the past two weeks have been a period of adjustment: both filled with new experiences. By welcoming

Iracambi and the Peer Award for Excellence

      We are thrilled to announce that Iracambi is joint winner of the prestigious 2015 Peer Award for Excellence!  Great work, Els, Mark, Juliet, Gus and Binka!

Young Eco-Leaders take the lead!

It’s been two months since our program started, and we have lots to share! The first good news are, in partnership with Belizario’s local church, we’ve managed to convince the water supply company to cede one of their big trucks