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Surrounded by vibrant green

We had trodden the pavements of the big cities of South America – Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rio – but now we were surrounded by vibrant green (every shade) and noises of bugs, birds and frogs. Virgilio was the first

Dia 11 #

Hoje aprendemos como capturar a beleza de nosso ambiente com fotografias. Nosso instrutor André Valle Nunes nos deu várias dicas antes de usar nosso novo conhecimento. Com as montanhas que nos cercavam, oportunidades de tirar fotos belas no caminho eram

Day 10

Our day started with a bird watching class in the forest where Eloisa taught us to be silent and patient while our eyes were getting used to distinguish the birds through the lights and the shadows. The most difficult part was

Day #9

Monday was the day of açai jussara (Euterpe Edulis), a fruit that grows on local palm trees. This fruit is slightly different from the more common variety of açai that grows in the northern part of Brazil but has even

Dia 08 # Chegada dos amigos brasileiros

No dia 18 de maio chegamos em Iracambi: Felipe Dantas, Ivan Soares, Naiara Figueiredo e Thais Silveira. Após a recepção calorosa dos anfitriões e dos amigos norte-americanos e nossa amiga búlgara, conhecemos as principais instalações do instituto e participamos de

Days 6# & 7#

It’s weekend in Iracambi!  On Saturday, our students had a day off. It was time to do late homework, washing clothes, cleaning the room, talking to family, reminding of that book at the bottom of the traveling bag and, of course, playing

Day #5

Our fifth day was dedicated to solidarity!At 8:30 we jumped on our Kombi, equipped with all the necessary tools, heading to Rosario da Limeira. The activities of the day would happen in APAE, an organization that works with disabled children.

Day #4

An organic day in its whole and essence! Even before breakfast, instructor Daniel invited us to take part in a yoga stretching, followed by a meditation to the sound of melodies and bell’s vibrations. After getting in touch with our

Day #3

A day devoted to language skills, with Portuguese exercises in the morning, afternoon and night! To level our students” Portuguese and give them many priceless vocabulary hints, we were honored with the presence of teacher Caroline, who has more than

Day #2

Hi, there! Still feeling the endorphin running in our veins, we register that the second day of the 100k Strong in the Americas group was marked by a challenge in the natural environment. The students were given two options: an