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Our goal: to plant 55,000 trees and raise a new generation of rainforest champions!

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21 years of transformation

When his water supply failed, Adão asked us for seedlings to plant on the steep slopes above his spring. Today he has more water than ever.
After spending a summer with us, Mukhaye returned to her native Kenya to help raise productivity on smallholder farms
After joining our Junior Scientists program, Rafael fell in love with biology and never missed a class. He got a scholarship to university and graduates soon.



At Iracambi we’re committed to bringing the rainforest back to life: And, as soon as it is safe to do so, we look forward to welcoming local schoolchildren back to our forest trails. Thank you for being such a valued part of the Iracambi family!  


The cost of planting and maintaining one rainforest tree for two years is US$3.55. This  breaks down as 53% local salaries, 19% tree seedlings, 14% forest nursery costs, 8% transport 4% administrative costs and 2% contingencies.

Our programs are supported by individual donations, foundations and corporate partners, and we are now investigating the possibility of selling carbon offsets. 

You can join us as a researcher, intern or volunteer, or you could enroll in our online volunteering program – click here