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Our goal: to plant 55,000 trees and raise a new generation of rainforest champions!

Please join us!

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Take a look at what we’ve achieved together in 21 years…. 

  • Planted 165,000 native forest trees
  • Founded the first program of environmental education in the region, and, in 2020, a countrywide online course for Environmental Leaders 
  • Created the first web-based GIS in the region 
  • Created thousands of acres of Environmental Protection Areas 
  • Hosted 2000 students, researchers and volunteers from 67 countries
  • Impacted the lives of thousands of people in our region: the Serra do Brigadeiro mountains
  • Tallied 500,000 volunteer hours (students, researchers and pro bono staff) to fulfill our mission of Saving Forests and Changing Lives

And now we're planting 55,000 rainforest trees. Because the climate crisis won´t wait

21 years of transformation

When his water supply failed, Adão asked us for seedlings to plant on the steep slopes above his spring. Today he has more water than ever.
After spending a summer with us, Mukhaye returned to her native Kenya to help raise productivity on smallholder farms
After joining our Junior Scientists program, Rafael fell in love with biology and never missed a class. He got a scholarship to university and graduates soon.



At Iracambi we’re committed to bringing the rainforest back to life: And, as soon as it is safe to do so, we look forward to welcoming local schoolchildren back to our forest trails. Thank you for being such a valued part of the Iracambi family!  


The cost of planting and maintaining one rainforest tree is $USD3.55. this breaks down as 53% local salaries, 19% tree seedlings, 14% forest nursery costs, 8% transport 4% administrative costs and 2% contingencies.

Our programs are supported by individual donations, foundations and corporate partners, and we are now investigating the possibility of selling carbon offsets. 

You can join us as a researcher, intern or volunteer, or you could enroll in our online volunteering program – check our volunteer page!  


Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our page, and we have some really exciting news to share with you! 

Like people everywhere, covid19 forced us to stop dead in our tracks and reconsider everything. 

We even had to face the prospect of closing down completely. 

We lost our foreign students, we lost our schoolkids, and the country plunged into a dark time of uncontrollable virus, political confusion and environmental neglect. 

But, all through 2020, we kept getting little reminders that not all was lost. Generous people sent us donations. People from across the world offered to help. 

After discovering that we couldn’t work with the school kids online – for a variety of reasons, including lack of internet access – we decided to start online courses for  environmental leaders. They proved to be hugely popular, and we plan to continue them in parallel with hosting the schoolchildren when they are able to return. 

And our reforestry program? 

It went ballistic!  One of our mentors took us to task for not thinking big enough. In fact, he challenged us to expand our tree planting goal by a factor of five. From 10,000 to 55,000 trees.  Why? 

Because the climate crisis won’t wait. 

And now we’re well on our way to achieving our goal. We have the land available for restoration, we have lots of interest from the local community, we’re expanding the capacity of our forest nursery, we’ve done the planning and budgeting and we are determined that nothing will hold us back. 

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support over the past year.

We couldn’t have done any of this without you! 

Please support us, if you can. Together we’re going to plant fifty acres of rainforest by the end of 2022.  To store carbon, provide clean air and fresh water, expand habitat for forest animals, and keep zoonotic diseases where they belong.

Thank you, and stay safe. Better times are on the way.

with love and appreciation from Binka and the Iracambi Team