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Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering offers an opportunity to make a lasting difference, team-building in a new environment, and promoting a culture of environmental awareness within your company.

Sustainable Development Goals
SDGs life on land
SDG education

INTERESTED IN WORKing WITH Us at iracambi?

By donating your time volunteering in our tree nursery or your professional skills in a project your company can leave a lasting mark on the Atlantic rainforest. 

Looking to contribute to the restoration of the Atlantic Rainforest hands-on? Donate your company’s time by volunteering in our tree-planting activities!

Or WORKing WITH Us from where you are?

Could your team work with Iracambi providing  professional services pro-bono in your area of expertise?

In the past we’ve had companies partner with us to provide services in marketing, film-making, legal and other professional skills. 

Iracambi’s work is so important to the health of our planet and it’s been an honour to call them partners as we work together to transform peoples’ lives and save forests.

Philippa White

Founder and CEO, The International Exchange (TIE)

Looking to volunteer as an individual?

Get the information pack

All the information you need to know to volunteer or intern at the Iracambi Research and Conservation Center as an individual. Plus tips on visas, safety and much more, so that your Brazilian experience will be fantastic!