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Researchers & Interns

Research at Iracambi

Brazil is one of the seventeen mega-diverse countries in the world, and home to an exceptional and unique range of biodiversity as well as cultural diversity. In this context, our vision is to see societies and ecosystems thriving together, focusing on addressing locally identified problems that lead to deforestation, land degradation and inequality. Through a humane, collaborative, data-driven understanding of the Atlantic Forest and the communities living there, we aim to strengthen local capacity to identify constraints and create solutions towards fighting climate change, as well as to establish and promote sustainable agriculture and economic development.

Our goal is to continually improve conservation, education and research activities, and communicate the results in a manner that is both accessible and inspirational to an audience that includes both local stakeholders and the scientific community. 

When considering how to answer our main question ‘how can people and ecosystems coexist and thrive together?’ we focus on multidisciplinary, collaborative environmental and sociological research, to help us understand ecosystem functioning and socio-ecological dynamics and improve our efforts in conservation, environmental education and ecological restoration.

We warmly invite you to join us and help develop our ongoing research program. Our objective is to optimize, document and evaluate our progress so that together we can do more and better. 

Slot into our research projects or do your independent research.  We can’t wait to hear from you!



We strongly believe that the best way to solve local problems is through combining popular knowledge and action science with creative thinking by bright, diverse people from across the world. Our role is to act as a catalyst for change, facilitating a clear understanding of the issues and helping implement solutions. The results are twofold. First, the local communities feel valued as they are seen, heard and supported in their efforts to sustainably manage their natural resources, benefiting themselves and their environment. Secondly, students and researchers gain invaluable, transformational insight into the complexity of tropical ecosystems and community livelihoods in the rainforest. 

Independent Research: Take Responsibility for your Work

Independent research is a unique opportunity for students to develop their projects with freedom and responsibility. For this, we expect researchers to meet the following criteria


We believe in the autonomy of researchers. Participants are expected to conduct their investigations without direct supervision, define clear objectives and manage time and available resources. This means that researchers need to have an advisor affiliated with their home university, who can give academic direction, answer questions and help to ensure the quality of the research.

Financial Autonomy

Our organization does not have the financial resources to subsidize  researchers. Therefore, we expect participants to finance their activities through external funding, scholarships, or personal resources.


Although Iracambi has some basic equipment, researchers should be prepared to bring the equipment they need for their research. While Iracambi can provide guidance on possible sources for accessing equipment, we cannot directly supply it.

Structured Project

We expect your proposed research project to be well-structured and detailed enough to be transformed into a Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s dissertation, Doctoral thesis, and/or post-doctoral research. This includes defining the problem, justification, objectives, methodology, schedule, and theoretical framework clearly.

Research at Iracambi Smart Forests: Contribute to a Sustainable Future

The Smart Forests Project seeks researchers who are dedicated and passionate about environmental preservation and technological innovation. By participating in this initiative, we expect researchers to be engaged in the following:

Participation in Constructing Protocols

Researchers will have the opportunity to help develop protocols and guidelines for monitoring and preserving our forests, ensuring diversity and effectiveness in the strategies adopted. We value collaboration and creativity.

Evaluating and Optimizing Our Processes

We expect researchers to collaborate in the collection and analysis of data, measuring the impact of our forest preservation programs. We also require them to be involved in the ongoing evaluation of processes and to suggest improvements that make our actions more efficient and sustainable. This way, we can continually improve our practices and results. The effectiveness of our efforts relies on measuring tangible results.

Participation in Ongoing Research

Join us in our mission to better understand the landscape and assess the health of ecosystems. Contribute to ongoing studies, using your expertise to analyze data and develop insights crucial for biodiversity conservation.

Measuring Program Results

The effectiveness of our efforts relies on measuring tangible results. We expect researchers to collaborate in the collection and analysis of data, measuring the impact of our forest preservation programs.

Assistance in the Smart Forests Project

Be a vital part of creating an integrated and comprehensive monitoring system for ecosystem health. Your contribution will help boost our capacity to make informed and strategic decisions for forest protection.

Student Groups

We are always delighted to welcome student groups accompanied by faculty members. Please contact us and let’s talk!


Iracambi is delighted to offer unpaid internships where you will have the opportunity to get involved in all our activities, and will work closely with coordinators in the following projects:


Applying is easy! We recommend that you download our Iracambi Information Pack first. Once you’ve read this you can complete our short application form. After receiving this, we’ll be in touch to book an online meeting to get to know you better and answer any questions you might have!

You’ll stay the Iracambi Research Center, located in the buffer zone of the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park. You’ll either be in the main house or in one of our cozy cabins, and meals will be taken in our on site restaurant that serves up three delicious meals a day, all included.

Visas can be issued for up to 90 days, renewable for some (but not all) nationalities. In order to make the most of your experience with us, we do recommend that you stay with us at least 2 weeks.

No, you don’t. But with our community projects you will have a lot more fun if you can master the basics. We recommend Duolingo.

To make it as easy as possible our pricing structure is as follows:

  • If you are staying one month or longer: $200 per week
  • If you are staying less than one month: $210 per week

This fee covers your accommodation, three meals a day, 24 hour internet access and all the projects and activities you will be supporting.


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