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Iracambi Hummingbirds

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Iracambi Hummingbirds Membership Program

Welcome to the Iracambi Hummingbirds, our wonderful community of donors and supporters around the world!

The Hummingbirds Membership Program is especially designed for everyone, everywhere, who is a regular or repeat donor to Iracambi. A group of big-hearted, like-minded eco warriors on a mission to leave this planet better than we found it.

Our commitment to you is to nurture a supportive shared space for you to connect, network, and keep learning about environmental challenges and opportunities in the rainforest, and find out how you can get more involved – either in person or remotely

We can’t wait to get to know you better!

The Benefits

Global community

Join an inclusive community of Iracambi supporters and big-hearted environmentalists around the globe.

Support network

Network with like-minded eco warriors and share your experiences in a communal space.

News & updates

Get our latest updates before anyone else.

Unique Opportunities

Hear about other exciting opportunities to get involved in our treeplanting work.

See your impact

Hear from our directors and volunteers in the field and see how your donation is being used.

Learn more

Learn more about the Atlantic Rainforest ecosystem and how your support is making an impact.

What You Get

How it Works


Become a monthly donor to Iracambi. 


We’ll invite you to join our Facebook group and we’ll send your first copy of News from the Hummingbird.


Welcome aboard! Please say hello and introduce yourself on the Facebook group.

Want to make a donation?


We chose the hummingbird as our logo after a well-known indigenous story in Brazil. It tells of a hummingbird trying to put out a forest fire one drop of water at a time. Despite the fact that she is so tiny, she is determined to play her part. And it’s the hummingbird that inspires us. If we all play our part, together we can change the world!  Learn more about our story.

By becoming a monthly donor. It doesn’t matter how much your donation is and please choose the donation method and amount that suits you.

You’ll be added to our exclusive community group on Facebook, get regular email updates, priority access to news and events, information about how your donation is being used, and the chance to meet other Iracambi supporters throughout the world.

Yes, of course. Simply contact us to make this request, or click unsubscribe on any newsletter we send you. If you do choose to opt out, we’d be grateful for any feedback on why you made this decision. We want to ensure our community and updates are the best they can be.

Anyone can visit us! If you’re interested in volunteering or coming to see our work, please get in touch