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Its the second day of our cultural filled weekend and the first day without Wagner in Juiz de Fora, because he had important work in Rio. We started our day at noon and eventually explored the city looking for food. We broke off into groups and my group (Shalanda, Brandi, Rebecca and myself) went to look for pizza. We went to the local restaurants that we saw on Friday but to our shock the restaurants only served late lunches and dinner. So we ended in the local mall and ate at the delicious “Vaporetto Express” in the food court. Afterwards we treated ourselves to ice cream. Today was the first time we meet Wagner’s secretary, Luciana. We all went to the Juiz de Fora campus for a picnic, with Lauren, Fred and others. Our time on the campus was relaxing and a learning experience because we were taught popular genres of music and the dances that came along. Also the similarities and differences between Brazilian and American culture, specifically language and different age groups.

We stayed at the park until seven them later departed ways. We got back to Wagners flat and had our ” Beauty Rest”, something Pamuela and Ashanti like to say. At 11:30 pm, we resumed our adventures around the city looking for dinner. Again we were in groups the same as before. My group ate at Buffalo Wings in which the chicken wings were amazing. We chatted with the owner Marcelo and his wife. He and his staff were so kind and patient with us. In our conversation he told us about the optional ten percent tip and how in Brazil it is not common to use take out boxes because its rude to the chef. He also discussed with us that he and his wife make annual trips to the United Sates to try different foods to incorporate into their restaurants. So we had to take a mini break before completing our excellent wings and burger. Before calling it a night, Pamela, Ashanti and myself walked around the neighborhood one more time before we closed our eyes and individually reflected on the fantastic weekend we have had in the city of Juiz de Fora.



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