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A Day of Trekking

Today we put our endurance, teamwork, and strength to the test as we went trekking for over 10 miles. We trekked from outside of Iracambi through the Serra Do Brigadeit Park. The sun was shining bright and we were all find with curiosity about what we would find. The trekking journey allowed us to witness the changes that have occurred in the terrain. These changes include the formation of mountains and valleys as well as the depletion of trees in the forest. We were able to truly appreciate our environment. We were also tasked with creating a short tour script. Four significant locations were selected by each group. The groups will present their trails to the whole group later. This activity gave both the Brazilian and US students to learn how to communicate better and bond. By the end of the day everyone was tired including our guide leaders. I wonder what else this week will bring. Until next time. Tchau!

Crystal Smitherman

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