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“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

The last few days of April, full of rainfall, has brought us a month of May blooming with activities.

We have started up our “Tree Nursery School” which hosts students from the local schools to explore the environment within and around Iracambi. Their lessons have included learning about different soils types, as well as identifying trees through leaves and bark characteristics. As the month continues, the group will continue to grow – experiencing more activities at Iracambi.


We have new volunteers (and volunteer coordinator) arriving in the next few days. Bringing their knowledge from Europe and North America, these volunteers will contribute to our multi-cultural (and lingual) environment that Iracambi fosters.

Coffee is in season! There are many red coffee beans to be picked, dried and ground to transform into our daily morning drink.

In addition, our annual group from American University, led by Eve Bratman will be arriving late in the month to learn about rural livelihoods and food systems.

Each event and experience of Iracambi brings new aspects to the community here. Like planting a garden, you don’t always know what the results will be. You can do your best to anticipate what will happen, and react if something faults. It is an exciting process to watch the fruits of your labor bloom and grow. Like a farmer who finds pride in the produce which they cultivated – as a volunteer coordinator, I find myself as proud of the volunteers who adapt and contribute to, and find a place within the community.

So as the month progress, I am excited to see how the seeds which have been planted in these past months grow and expand. There are many things to come!

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  1. Congratultions for your Job Lily. I am proud of you!!

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