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Forest Futures create a safe haven for endangered wildlife while creating forest corridors for animals and birds to travel safely between forest patches, maintaining and enhancing the health of the forest. With protection from animals and agriculture, the forest regenerates, transforming a forest future into a future forest.

Here’s how you can help

forest-2-trees iracambi-hillsYou can help us transform neglected and marginalized land into a future forest, simply by adopting a Forest Future. Once the land is fenced, the forest will naturally regenerate. Adopt a Forest Future for as little as US $50 or GB £35. Fifty per cent of your investment will go on the purchase price, and the remainder will cover land and forest maintenance, legal fees and continued research into better ways of restoring the rainforest. If you can give $500 (GB £350), your contribution will ensure the protection of an entire acre of forest. Every acre counts, so please adopt a Forest Future now!

Want to know more?

[Watch our fantastic Forest Futures film] narrated by Dr. Charlotte Uhlenbroek of BBC wildlife, and check out Fun Facts about the Atlantic Forest.



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