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Today was a great day filled with bountiful information. The day commenced with all the students taking a trip to a new house that Leandro, a professor in the Iracambi rain forest, specializing in animal biology, is building for his family; the new home is environmentally friendly. Students took turns building bricks and sanding wood that will be used to form the new home. This was the first time, for most students, that they were able to participate in the formation of new property therefore, it was very exciting!! After lunch students tuned in to a very moving presentation about the effects of global warming and its consequences. Although global warming is at an all time high in the century, there are many solutions that individuals in our society can work on to make the world a safer place. Some of the solutions include broadcasting the dangers of global warming on social media with the hashtag #REALITY following the message, calling local television/radio stations to voice their opinions, joining organizations such as The Climate Reality Project committed to solving the climate crisis, making better consumer choices, assisting in the changing of laws and the most stressed solution, recycle. It was beneficial to have Leandro host students at the building site of his new home because students were able to understand and physically see the positive effects of having a bio-constructed house. Not only are bio-constructed homes natural and more cost effective, but they are also composed from materials that are from homes that were previously demolished, utilize a PVC tube/hoses to receive water,  and are definitely more sustainable in the long run. Tomorrow, students must be prepared to go bird watching at 6am; this should be an adventure! Until next time: peace, love, and happiness

Pamela Cameau


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