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Over the past half year Iracambi has had some significant success using trail cameras to capture images of the wildlife around the center and its reserves. So far we have captured pictures of pacas, porcupines, raccoons and wide array of opossums. The most exciting captures however, have been of some feline friends. Starting this summer with our Iracambista Evan, he managed to collect pictures of a mountain lion on three separate occasions. This welcome visitor had taken up lodging on our high trail and appeared to stick around for at least a couple of weeks. Evan also managed to capture the elusive tail end of an ocelot, creeping by the camera near the road on the high trail. In the past couple of weeks, our Iracambista Miriam has taken over the trail cameras and has been met with a e success as well. She also capture the high trail ocelot on camera. In addition to the ocelot, Miriam managed to secure photos of the mysterious Jaguarundi that is rarely ever seen. Overall, the news that our feline friends are enjoying our reserves is music to our ears. However, our resident vermin population might beg to differ. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates about our wildlife.image


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