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I’m back, reporting live from the Atlantic Forest. This blog I thought I would introduce the volunteers and update you on the Iracambi adventures.

Meet Tom:   
Tom is a Belgian intern in Green Management from Hoge School Gent who has expertise that his title doesn’t quite cover. Tom has taken on a variety of tasks at Iracambi including trail restoration, water monitoring, setting up camera traps, making tables for the forest nursery and if that wasn’t enough he is also researching the lack of water in the region for his thesis paper. Tom loves birds and always wears his bird t-shirt (exhibit A).



Meet Jen: Jen is an interactive producer from Wieden+Kennedy in New York who is here to help
the communications team launch the Iracambi Strong program. She is a all-things-technology wizard who believes a puma is hiding in her room (Tom checked for pumas and it’s all clear). You can get to know her and what she is up to in detail on her blog at



Meet Janet: Janet is a graduate in Economics and Accounting from Western Washington Univers
ity. She loves numbers and budgets! Janet has been working alongside Jen on getting the Iracambi Strong program in order. 


We are also anticipating the arrival of Cliff, Mimi and Jethro (who I will introduce in a later blog) over the next week as well as a group of 7 birdwatchers who will be staying at Iracambi’s Mountain House to (drum roll…) WATCH BIRDS! I hope they let me tag along. 

Ok, so what is going on at Iracambi. 

Tom and I went in way over our heads and offered to create 3 tables for the forest nursery which will be used to plant new seedlings for forest restoration. I know tables don’t sound like hard things to make but keep in mind these tables have to be sturdy enough to hold 128 bags of wet soil with forest saving seedlings in them. Let me add: the extent of my construction expertise is limited to making a wooden cat house for an architecture project in high school. Well, I have also built eco-latrines and a school in Argentina so maybe I am selling myself short. Anyhow, these tables are going to have iron reinforced concrete legs, with an iron frame that will be covered by bamboo sticks. Will update you on how this goes!

Janet and Jen have been working on Iracambi Strong. What is Iracambi Strong you may ask? Iracambi Strong is a 3 week conservation and sustainability course which focuses on cross-cultural learning and provides hands on experience in the environmental field. They are looking at prospective students, teachers to recruit, budgets for the program and most importantly how Iracambi can offer high quality, yet unorthodox, environmental education.

P.S: the lunar eclipse was stunning from Iracambi. I have photos but it doesn’t do it justice. I saw approximately 738 shooting stars (some may have been fireflies which light up the Iracambi campus every night).

moon close


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