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Yes, it’s been a while, but don’t imagine that just because we’ve been neglecting the update the blog that nothing has been happening. The Iracambi Chief Blogger has been on the high seas (Peace Boat, crossing from Cape Town to Rio,) on the road, (DC, Boston, Richmond VA, New York, Chicago, LA and Denver) and recently digging out from all the jobs that accumulated in the meantime.

Over the past weeks, there’s been a lot of good energy and great work carried out at the Research Center:  a large team from Ball State University and UTEP in Texas transformed the campus, completed the Forest House, and left us exhilarated. An international team from France and Germany gave an enormous boost to our Monkeyspace Program, and our fauna surveys were updated with new birds for our bird list, new frogs for our frog list, and the first photos of the mountain lion on the Iracambi Reserve. Proof that our conservation efforts are paying off.  Forest monitoring continues apace, and we’re working on a major new project for the Research Center – to be unveiled as soon as it’s ready to hit the road.

On the communications front we’ve uploaded a bunch of great films to Youtube. Please check them out, and so many thanks to film maker Rich Wheat, and  intern Jade Hazard who made the Monkeyspace film in five languages!


So stay tuned, Iracambistas, and we promise to be better correspondents from here on.


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