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Directors Robin and Binka have just arrived back to a rainy Iracambi (hurrah for rain!) after a whirlwind tour down south. They have been visiting some of our colleagues in the field of environmental issues, to see what great things they are doing, what we can learn from them and how we can all work together!

First stop was the wonderful folds at Ipê in Nazaré Paulista, followed by a visit to IPBIO in the beautiful Reserva Betary, Vale do Ribeira. Next up was a warm welcome from UENF, the State University of the North of Rio de Janeiro, before their final stop at FAE in Curitiba, where another great bunch awaited for them.

The Le Bretons were very impressed by the great job all these great folks are doing, and could not be more grateful for the hospitality they received. Must be something special about research centers in the Atlantic Rainforest!

But even better, there were plenty of chats about possible partnerships and we’re really excited about where this could lead – watch this space!




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