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Iracambi: Peer Award Finalist 2015!


We are delighted to anounce that Iracambi has been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2015 Peer Awards!

Held in London, the Peer Awards focus on showcasing and celebrating innovative ideas, and recognize the highest standards of “Corporate Social Responsibility”, “Customer Engagement” and “People & Peformance”.

Iracambi is up for the “Educating the Community” prize within the CSR category, which means we have been recognized for the educational opportunities we have offered to adults who have not previously had access. This is in light of the positive impact we have had on the local community here in our rainforest home, and how we have been working together with them and people from all across the world to develop and test solutions to realize our goals (see our full entry here).

Of course, as a finalist we are also up for the wider CSR award for impact on the community and environment, as well as the overall Peer Award for Excellence.

Up against big names such as Sky and British Gas, we will be a small fish in a big pond but we sure are proud to have been included. Keep your fingers crossed on June 18th when we will be presenting to our peers and hopefully securing some votes in our favour, as finalists vote for each others entries to work out the winners – how cool is that?

We’re really excited to be involved in the awards and look forward to seeing what cool things everyone else is doing and how we might incorporate some of their ideas into our own work. Watch this space to see how we get on!




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