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Three years ago we had a dream. We wanted our school children to develop a new appreciation of the extraordinary rainforest in which they are privileged to live. We wanted to show them that science is one of the most exciting subjects they could ever study. We wanted them to understand how they could make a real difference in the world.

And, thanks to our supporters, we’ve been able to do it! Time and again they have responded generously to our appeals for help. Last September they helped us raise the money to buy a Kombi van and we can now take the students out into the field, even on those days when rainforest roads are muddy and almost impassable. In April they helped us raise the money to buy a new server and computer to house our GIS, so that Junior Scientists could access a technology that their teachers never dreamed of. The donations have allowed us to buy scientific equipment to teach students how to monitor the health of our forest, soils and water and share their findings with their families. They have helped us maintain our system of forest trails where we recently hosted 300 members of the local community to celebrate Earth Day. They have supported our forest nursery and our forest restoration projects. For the first time our night cameras have recorded the presence of mountain lion, ocelot, and margay – proof positive that our conservation efforts are bearing fruit!

We are raising a new generation of young scientists, who in turn are influencing their families. And it’s looking like our Junior Scientists are unstoppable….. Starting this semester, a selected group of Junior Scientists are graduating and becoming Young Eco-Leaders. They’re taking their newly acquired skills into the Environmental Protection Areas to work with local farmers on hands-on conservation projects. Better conservation management means healthier food, forests, soils and water, attracts increased conservation funding, and opens the way to new economic opportunities to revitalize rural areas.

Stay tuned, because this team promises good news! Please help our Young Eco Leaders


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