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Iracambi’s Junior Scientist project is still seeking funds, and there’s no time like the present to give back to the Atlantic Forest.


Designed to help young Brazilians understand and protect the valuable resources and wildlife of the forest, the project works with schoolchildren from the area to bring in the next generation of conservationalists. 


Iracambi is setting its expectations high, aiming to rope in $5000 for the program. This money will allow 50 new Scientists into the program, giving them the technology and equipment necessary to impact the environment for the better.


Any and all donations — no matter the size — are more than appreciated, and those given on June 13 will qualify for 40% matching funds. To give, please visit:


You can also use US mobile phones to text GIVE 7852 to 80088 to donate $10 to Junior Scientists Restoring Brazil’s Rainforest. Standard messaging and data rates apply, and, again, only US mobile phones may be used.


Please help this cause by spreading the word; let your friends and family know how a little gift can make a world of difference.


Give if you can, and help the children help the forest!


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