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As the clock struck 3:00 Monday afternoon, the sounds of children’s voices could be heard leaving the forest trails and heading for the computer labs.


The Junior Scientists were about to embark on a different journey; a cyber-journey, to be exact.


In a real-time meeting with fifth-grade students in Portland, Oregon, the Scientists excitedly shared stories of the forests with children from what seemed like another world.jovens_cientistas23


Using Skype technology, the Portland students told the Scientists the wonders of the American Pacific-Northwest forests, forests drastically different from those found in Brazil. Eagerly listening to the students as though they were in the same room, the Scientists then took the stage, telling of their own adventures and experiences amidst the Atlantic Forest. 


“Most of these students have never seen anything like a Skype conversation,” said Robin Le Breton about the Junior Scientists. “It’s going to be a real experience to see how they react to this type of environment.”


But the students’ reactions, from Oregon to Minas Gerias, far exceeded any expectation, proving that passion for environmental education is universally possible, unencumbered by barriers of language and nationality.


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