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Day 5 in Iracambi was very … informative. The information that Binka gave was useful for a lifetime and for the forthcoming week of exploring the Atlantic forest. Iracambi forest, where we are currently located, is filled with plants, reptiles, amphibians and insects never discovered before and we have the opportunity to explore this peculiar woodland. Hm, I wonder what is in store for us?  I am excited! Binka continued explaining the significance of the forest and all of its benefits.  In this forest there are plants that can cure acne, illness, and even a hangover! We also learned about the harsh reality of the destruction of the forest. Fortunately we could do something to assist; with the help of workers and volunteers at Iracambi, we will be learning more about sustainability and will be helping them to revive the forest in the following two weeks. The last thing that Binka left with us was the tale of the hummingbird. We all sat speechless as we heard the tale of the hummingbird. The hummingbird symbolizes change. When the forest is on fire and all of the animals flee, the hummingbird soars to the rescue of it’s home. With a drop of water in its mouth, that hummingbird attempts to save the forest that is in flames.  Some of the other animals may think that silly hummingbird is so little; they’re foolish to believe that they can save the rainforest, but that hummingbird is doing its part. If every animal in the forest followed the lead of that hummingbird they could extinguish those vicious flames.  The analogy between the hummingbird and the individuals working in the rain forest is very beautiful. It left me thinking there’s no doubt that this trip will only get better from here on…

Ashantii Bernateauiracambi phaethornis pretrei


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