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Letter to the editor: Product as advertised

Thank you, Iracambi, for offering a real conservation volunteer experience. The product was as advertised, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will leave here a satisfied volunteer. I write to let other potential volunteers that yes, what you see is what you will get here at Iracambi!

On my six month trip around Central and South America, I have participated in two other volunteer programs. Without getting into specifics, let’s just say that I now know that it’s difficult to tell if volunteer experiences are going to be as they are described on program websites. In the other two programs, rather than doing conservation work, I had unhappily fallen into the catch-all clause at the end of the volunteer description: “and any tasks that are necessary for the upkeep of the lodge/reserve.”

Here at Iracambi, from the first day, I have been able to jump headfirst into wildlife tracking and water monitoring, trail maintenance, reforestation, and other conservation activities. Not to mention, the food is absolutely amazing, lodging is simple yet neat, leadership is passionate, knowledgeable, and organized, and there is always a hike or a swim to be had!

I give credit to the leaders of Iracambi for continuing to believe in and work tirelessly on their dream, and for trusting volunteers with serious tasks. If you are looking for a volunteer program in a beautiful location where your money is spent judiciously and what you will do is as advertised, start looking at tickets to Brazil because Iracambi is just that place!

Shelby Sugierski

North Carolina, USA


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