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pict_grid7New Year resolutions come a dime a dozen as soon as January 1st hits.  While gym memberships skyrocket, bad habits are banned and diets devised, we have been creating a new project for 2014.  While most resolutions fall by the wayside we have made a resolution not soon forgotten.  We have gone to great lengths to develop and continue our Jr. Scientists program, but are ready to take it to the next step.  Our Jr. Science programs have focused on our local middle school students, but many of those have now graduated.  In the past, we have not had the resources to engage our older students in continued activities, which is why we have created our Future Eco-Leaders powered by Jr. Scientists.  This new project aims to further the involvement of youths in the community with environmental advocation.  Instead of simply engaging and teaching our students about their environment and its concerns, we are now going to get them involved.

In the next couple of months we will finally procure the Iracambi Kombi, which we fundraised so hard for, and begin to put our plan in motion.  With transportation nailed down, our Eco-Leaders will take their Jr. Science knowledge and skills into the community.  Here they will get a taste of hands-on conservation while continuing to develop their knowledge.  Our aim is to have these young scientists work in partnership with the farming community to communicate the importance of soil conservation, forest and watershed protection, reforestation and sustainable development practices. Iracambi wants to empower the local communities here to take charge of their environment and how they use resources.  The key to doing this is by supporting burgeoning scientists with the knowledge and means to make ph_grid7_16158_56504changes in their homes and communities.  For our full project write up and the opportunity to help us on our way, please follow the link!


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