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Pronomes e verbos

Today was a critical day in our Portuguese class. We covered pronouns and various verbs. This was a significant lesson because it aided us in creating complete and grammatically correct sentences. Wagner made learning the pronouns and verbs fun through a game of bingo and charades. We all participated with much enthusiasm as our semi-competitive sides came out. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner. However, we were all good sports and shared in Eles excitement as she won the game. We walked away from the lesson having more confidence in our ability to properly conjugate verbs based on their pronouns. It was time yet again to put our skills to the test as we embarked on a 5 mile walk into a nearby town. We met a 75 year old farmer and saw another farmer milking a cow. It was so lovely to witnesses another part of the culture here in Rosário da Limeria. Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. Tchau!!

Shalanda Grier


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