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After a very busy and action packed January, we can’t believe how quickly February has come around here at Iracambi (this we includes me, Els, the new volunteer coordinator here at Iracambi who arrived at the beginning of the year – hello!).

Much of the month was taken up hosting our second 100K Strong Program – the 20 strong group of American and Brazilian students made sure it was a lively few weeks here at Iracambi. It was great to see them applying themselves to the theory and practice of environmentalism and sustainability with such enthusiasm, but also how they embraced each other’s realities and new cultures. Thanks to the blogging efforts of the lovely Hampton ladies, there’s more detail about just what they got up to in previous blogs.

January also saw us deep in preparations for Binka’s trip to the US, where she we will meeting friends old and new to spread the good word of Iracambi while considering what the future might hold for our rainforest home. Having come from the 30+ degree heat of tropics, she was feeling a little apprehensive about the sub-zero temperatures awaiting her on arrival, but thanks to some shiny new snow gear she’s all set for a successful trip (that and the hard work of she and her support team have been putting in preparing of course!).

Speaking of the weather – you may have heard news of the droughts around Brazil, and a lack of rain has been a huge issue here too. Although January is often dry, with uncharacteristically dry preceding months we’ve even been doing rain dances here in the hope that we get some wet weather.  Thankfully, the end of the month bought in some mighty thunderstorms and now we’ve moved into wet February the rain just won’t stop – hurrah!

We’re looking forward to another busy month here with 4 volunteers arriving and a new year of the Young Eco-Leaders program kicking off, not to mention keeping up with how Binka is getting on Stateside. Then there’s the small matter of Carnaval to attend to, of course!


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