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Saving the planet is a big job and it can’t be done alone. But it can be done together.
This is the story of how a company in Hong Kong that makes beautiful lingerie reached out to a rainforest center on the other side of the planet, and how together they did something important. They proved that people who share the same ideals can change the world, doing well while they do good.

Let’s start in Hong Kong where a forward-looking company called Dorina committed to sustainability at every stage in its manufacturing and supply chain.

Dorina makes stylish, affordable clothing for real women with real bodies. Garments are made from organic cotton, Bluesign certified lace and recycled microfibers created from plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets. These Ecofabrics are then transformed by skilled seamstresses into practical, affordable and irresistible clothes for women who care about protecting the environment.

On the other side of the world, Iracambi Rainforest Center cares about protecting the environment by restoring one of the most important rainforests in the world.

In 2019 the two organizations joined hands, and thanks to this partnership, Dorina sponsored the planting of 1000 native forest trees in the rainforest. Not only that, but they supported 100 local schoolchildren to participate in Iracamb’s year-long program of rainforest science. Planting trees, planting ideas in young minds, and planting hope for the future.

By 2020 the young trees were growing well. But then came covid. Suddenly, everything changed. Times were tough across the world.

But that didn’t stop the people of Iracambi, and it didn’t stop the people of Dorina. Their commitment to protecting the environment remained unwavering. This time, it was the Dorina staff who collected funds to plant a further 300 rainforest trees.
Back in June 2019 when Dorina and Iracambi first started their partnership, none of us could have imagined how our worlds would change so dramatically and so quickly.

Yet, on both sides of the planet, miracles flowered.

Dorina has embraced the ambitious goal of reducing its environmental footprint by 100% in two years.

Iracambi is pledged to plant 55,000 trees in two years, removing 1245 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

That’s inspirational.


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