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Still feeling the endorphin running in our veins, we register that the second day of the 100k Strong in the Americas group was marked by a challenge in the natural environment. The students were given two options: an adventurous trek to Pico da Graminha Peak or another hike through the communities around the mountain. Since all the group was thirsty for adrenaline, and Leandro promised natural açaí as a reward, everyone yelled in one voice “let’s go for the mountain!”

Experienced guides know that security always come first,  so we began our day with a nice and instructive talk about trekking and safety techniques as well as talking about respectful mountaineering. And, of course, we also prepared energetic snacks for a “peacknic” and worked to get the team synchronized.

During the climb we made sure to respect the natural environment, and mother nature rewarded us with beautiful flowers, exotic birds and the absolute peace of her presence.

Getting to the top  was a real challenge! The 11k distance grew longer as the air got thinner and steep rocks made climbing the only option. But difficulties are also the key ingredients to strengthen a group, so eyes became more confident, steps more precise and the group figured out the trail hand in hand.

Our victory, reaching the peak, was celebrated by a breath-taking view. The sky was blue and clear, the sun was bright and warm and the fresh air refilled us with oxygen.

DSC02771 DSC02769 DSC02732

In this perfect location, the students could get a geographic perception of the whole region, such as land use, forest fragmentation and the impacts of human settlement. Professional binoculars assisted us in our studies.

DSC02751 DSC02736

At the end of the journey, we celebrated by drinking a toast in the pure açaí from the mountains crowning a better understanding of the local geography, new and stronger friendships and the certainty that challenges faced by the group can only be overcome together!

See you in our next adventure!




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