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An organic day in its whole and essence!

Even before breakfast, instructor Daniel invited us to take part in a yoga stretching, followed by a meditation to the sound of melodies and bell’s vibrations. After getting in touch with our inner selves, our minds flowed to the levels of environment perception. How do we get in touch with our minds and hearts? How do we take care of our bodies? How do we see and feel the world, and how do we translate our beliefs in actions?

With questions like these in mind and the challenge of reconnecting with nature, we went for a walk to observe and collect food, natural materials and other curious things offered by Mother Earth.

After lunch, the activities continued in Iracambi’s tree nursery. Toni, the nursery’s guardian, gave us a muddy class about planet Earth, and we could better understand nature’s cycles. To salute our planet, we replanted many seedlings and welcomed the future trees of life!

And to end this harmonious day, we built a mandala with the materials collected during the morning and delicious organic dried fruits. With our minds connected and hands making a circle around our Mandala, we meditated in respect and gratitude to mother nature.

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