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Our fifth day was dedicated to solidarity!

At 8:30 we jumped on our Kombi, equipped with all the necessary tools, heading to Rosario da Limeira. The activities of the day would happen in APAE, an organization that works with disabled children. Our mission was restoring their garden and providing the kids with an instructive fun day! 

We got there around 9:00, and a group of smiling kids received us with open arms and smiles. To begin our activities and present ourselves, we formed a big circle, and told them a bit about who we were and where we came from. Some of them were very surprised by the news that Americans speak English in their country. And Leandro led the initial activities with spontaneity, entertaining and teaching important lessons about nature at the same time.

Finally, it was time to put our hands in the dirt! The kids were glad to help us get rid of weeds and accumulated trash in their old garden. Later, after fertilizing and softening the soil, we carefully planted and watered the seedlings. The difference by the end of our day was as clear as the sky above us. And now the kids have their garden back, which is going to provide them healthy food and a fruitful way to channel their energy!

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