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Monday was the day of açai jussara (Euterpe Edulis), a fruit that grows on local palm trees. This fruit is slightly different from the more common variety of açai that grows in the northern part of Brazil but has even more health benefits, even though the northern variety is already considered one of the most healthful fruits on earth. In the morning we had a class talking about the fruit and its many uses and health benefits, as well as how to climb the tree and harvest the fruit. After lunch we headed out into the forest to find some of the jussara trees. The first task was to find a good spot with several trees.

A segunda feira foi dedicada ao Açai Jussara (Euterpe edulis), uma palmeira da Mata Atlântica que produz um fruto muito energético, rico em Vitaminas e Sais Mineiras, semelhante ao Açai da Amazônia. O dia foi divido em dois momentos: Na parte da manhã assistimos a uma aula prática sobre as principais características desta palmeira.


Once we found a good spot, we got to test out the skills we had learned that morning climbing the trees, some of which were as much as 15 meters (50 feet) tall. It was an amazing experience. After rising a few feet from the forest floor each person climbing the trees entered a different world, a world with a fantastic view, overlooking much of the other growth of the forest.

 A tarde caminhamos a mata para conhecer seu habit e a escalar a palmeira.  A sensação foi incrível, estar a 10 metros de altura desperta outras percepções, além da visão de cima ser bem diferente do que estamos acostumados. 


Later in the evening, we were able to learn about how the fruit is processed for human consumption, and the group enjoyed a refreshing cup of açai juice. It was a great day.

Para terminamos o dia bem, beneficiamos e degustamos o suco do fruto batido com água e mel. Foi um excelente dia.




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