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It’s weekend in Iracambi! 

On Saturday, our students had a day off. It was time to do late homework, washing clothes, cleaning the room, talking to family, reminding of that book at the bottom of the traveling bag and, of course, playing the sloth and recovering some energy for the next week. That is, it was a day to do all the things that for some reason had to be put aside during our busy first week. Later on this day, we even managed to organize a games and movie night, and it was clear that everybody had already become good friends.

Now it is Sunday, and we are preparing ourselves to receive the Brazilian students, who should arrive anytime soon. We’ve gathered some wood to make a bonfire tonight and also made their beds so they will find a cosy atmosphere by the time they get here. Like a mother waiting for a child, we are all very curious imagining how they are going to be. As in all the world, it is a family Sunday, and ours is about to grow bigger!





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