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The Adventures of Olivia – Part 1

The Adventures of Olivia – Part 1 Iracambi – January 2022  Over the past week I’ve engaged in a variety of activities ranging from building a plant shelter, to going on long hikes to install cameras to see that the

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

The last few days of April, full of rainfall, has brought us a month of May blooming with activities. We have started up our “Tree Nursery School” which hosts students from the local schools to explore the environment within and

two images compare before and after reforestation at iracambi

Why Reforest?

Recently, I read an article shared with me by Binka titled, ‘Rainforest regrowth boosts carbon capture, study shows’. The article was straightforward – secondary forests are more effective than old growth forests in combating our carbon foot print. With our

First month exploring!

I have been at Iracambi for almost a month. As much as the first few weeks were packed with information and new faces, the past two weeks have been a period of adjustment: both filled with new experiences. By welcoming

First Weeks at Iracambi

Hey my name is Lillian, the new Volunteer Coordinator here at Iracambi! After the first week of my stay at Iracambi being nothing but blue skies, it is only fair that the second is filled with rain. Well, we are